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BLOG POST: Amazon Web Services Security for Healthcare Organizations

Qasim Ijaz is a Senior Security Consultant in our IT Risk Management division at Meditology Services. Check him out on LinkedIn.

April 27, 2017

Healthcare organizations are beginning to embrace economic benefits of cloud providers like Amazon’s Web Services (AWS). 84% of respondents to HIMSS Analytics Cloud Study use cloud services in some fashion, proving that the push to cloud environments is real. Healthcare CISO’s should embrace cloud and implement controls to secure their cloud environments. Getting ahead of these migrations is the ideal and most efficient way to retain the same level of security and privacy as provided by on-premise environments.

AWS is attractive to healthcare organizations due to its scalable, compliance friendly, and economic options. Being able to host data in multiple Amazon data centers proves ideal for BC/DR efforts. AWS however, has its own security capabilities that CISO's need to understand and apply. Like any other environment, access controls, audit logging and monitoring, change management and others need to be planned and promptly implemented. Fortunately, Amazon offers built-in tools and configurations to deal help secure AWS environments.

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