Protecting the privacy & security of your patient’s health information.

EVENT: NCHICA 15th Academic Medical Center Security & Privacy Conference

Monday, June 3rd and Tuesday, June 4th at the Washington Duke Inn in Durham, NC

The theme of this year’s AMC Security & Privacy Conference is Partnering to Protect Health Information in a Cyber World. The conference provides an excellent opportunity for healthcare privacy, security and compliance professionals to learn how their peers are handling privacy and security challenges unique to AMCs and large healthcare delivery organizations. The program features two plenary sessions and 18 breakout sessions on Privacy & Compliance, Research & Innovation, and Cybersecurity topics. The sessions include time for Q&A, and there is ample time to network with peers outside the sessions as well.

Don't miss CORL's presentation on Monday at 2:45PM!

Three Keys to Mature Vendor Security Risk Management Programs 
Cliff Baker (CORL Technologies) & Stephen Dunkle (Geisinger Health System) 

Learn about key trends and critical elements for maturing a vendor security risk management program. Cliff and Stephen will offer an overview of these basic steps for Maturing Vendor Risk Management in Healthcare: 1) Determine what the organization needs/desires for a successful VSRM program, 2) Design the program - governance, process, technology, and ability to sustain, and 3) Implement and continue to improve. They will also discuss industry trends, including:

• Third-party data risk is on the rise in the U.S. firms, with an estimated 61% experiencing a breach caused by 3rd parties, which is up from the previous year.
• Organizations continue to lack visibility into the number of third parties (Nth parties, etc.) they are sharing sensitive information with. Only 34% have a comprehensive inventory of all third-parties. (Source: Ponemon Institute.)
• In healthcare settings, risk tiering techniques reveal specific ‘vendor types’ that present a greater data security than others, which can streamline vendor security risk management. (Source: CORL Technologies data).

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