ISACA Conference Europe 2021

Wednesday, October 20th to Friday, October 22nd, 2021 | VIRTUAL

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ISACA Conference Europe 2021

While ISACA had so deeply hoped to host ISACA Conference Europe as a hybrid event in Helsinki, Finland, this October, pandemic-related concerns have made it clear that we cannot proceed as planned.

The conference will now be 100% virtual program featuring the speakers, sponsors, networking and education you expect from attending an ISACA event with our newly enhanced virtual platform.

Engage. Join a community of experts, leaders, fellow professionals, ISACA® members and ISACA CMMI® partners from all over the world for the ISACA Conference Europe. This is your opportunity to connect and to expand your global professional network.

Empower. Define and empower your own learning experience! Select your topics, your method to learn and the length of time you wish to spend in focus and discovery sessions, peer-to-peer discussions and more. Take control of your future and let it begin at the ISACA Conference Europe.

Evolve. Grow and evolve your knowledge and skill sets. Our professional community must constantly reimagine itself as part of a world in flux and an ever-changing technology landscape. Stay on the cutting edge of technology and industry. The ISACA Conference Europe enables you to evolve your professional career.

And don't miss Meditology Partner Ryan Freeman-Jones's presentation on Friday, 10/22 at 8:30am Eastern European Summer Time (EEST)

Doing Business with U.S. Healthcare Organizations: Contributing Factors to the Number of Records Breached in U.S. Healthcare Organizations

Operating in a COVID-19 environment has created unique challenges for cybersecurity professionals of European organizations, doing business in the U.S. healthcare industry, to secure protected health information. With the increased amount of threats to electronically stored and processed PHI, breaches in organizations handling protected health information are almost inevitable.

While current efforts are focused on preventing data breaches, there is little to no attention on mitigating factors that contribute to the number of breached records, once a breach occurs. This presentation will provide insight and strategies to cybersecurity professionals on limiting the impact of data breaches on the number of breached healthcare records.

  • Understand what contributes to data breaches when operating in the U.S. healthcare space
  • Understand the factors that directly contribute to the number of impacted individuals in a healthcare breach
  • Create a strategy on limiting the impact of potential data breaches on healthcare records
  • Educate their organizations and team on the threats to protected health information