Protecting the privacy & security of your patient’s health information.

EVENT: Healthcare Security Forum, San Francisco

There may be no topic more important in healthcare than securing data and maintaining business continuity in the face to today’s mounting cyber threats. At HIMSS, we are committed to helping healthcare organizations do just that. As a leading industry voice and stakeholder, we view that as core to our mission to advance healthcare through information and IT.

As a leader, you have to put in the work. Stay informed. And adapt your framework for evolving threats. That's why we've created the Healthcare Security Forum: to provide healthcare-specific defense tactics, urgent industry updates, and critical security strategies you need to protect your data. Over two info-packed days you’ll network with peers, get up to date, connect directly with leaders, and you’ll leave with practical, solutions-based and actionable strategies to do it right. 

As an attendee you'll:

  • Understand how cloud computing changes the way security teams work
  • Develop a strategic security plan that will keep you ahead of the curve and remain agile
  • Gain critical corporate leader and board member buy-in
  • Learn how to secure your organization without interrupting workflows
  • Navigate the process of hiring and retaining top InfoSec talent
  • Keep employees aware, educated and pro-active about protecting data
  • Prepare for the hardest part - what you don’t know is coming

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