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Managing Partner, Cliff Baker slated to present at the 13th Annual AMC Security & Privacy Conference - Chapel Hill, NC - June 12-14, 2017

Join us at the 13th Annual AMC Security & Privacy Conference in Chapel Hill, NC, June 12-14, 2017.

Meditology's Managing Partner, Cliff Baker, alongside David Finkelstein of the St. Lukes University Health Network will be presenting the first day of the conference on the topic "Assessing Vendor Risk in a Non-Certified Vendor Population".

Read a sneak peak of the session description below:

Only approximately 25% of vendors have a security certification to share with Healthcare customers. This session will explore the results of a study of over a 1000 companies providing products and services to the healthcare industry and their related security certifications. The panel will provide a breakdown of the certifications and their related pros and cons. They will also provide specific approaches for reviewing and validating SOC 2 and HITRUST certifications, as many organizations are surprised to find out that the certifications do not pertain to all of their data or includes major gaps in security practices. Since most vendors do not have security certifications, learn about approaches for assessing breach risk when these vendors have access to sensitive data. Topics will include best practices for questionnaires, validating responses and risk rating vendors.

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