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Meditology Partner, Brian Selfridge slated to speak at HIMSS Healthcare Security Forum - September 11-13, 2017

Meditology IT Risk Management Partner, Brian Selfridge will present on the second day of the Healthcare Security Forum, a conference sponsored by HIMSS Boston Regional Chapter, on the topic, "Real-World Strategies For Medical Device Security".

Read a synopsis of session below:

September 12, 2017
1:30pm - 2:00pm
Room: Constitution B

The current regulatory environment does not give healthcare providers specific guidance on addressing medical device security - but that doesn't mean you can't take action. In this session, speakers with first-hand experience assessing and developing successful medical device security programs share their insights and leading practices.

Discussion points will address:

  • How to make tangible progress reducing medical device security risks with limited resources.
  • Suggested prioritization and road maps for securing medical devices.
  • Practical procedural approaches for addressing biomed security areas, including network isolation, policies, asset management, training and awareness, patching, malware protection, and more.
  • How to define responsibility and break down communication silos across stakeholder groups (between medical device manufacturers, biomedical and clinical engineering, IT, purchasing, and other key stakeholders).
  • How to begin developing a program despite a lack of regulatory guidance and comprehensive industry standards.
  • Convincing conversation points for senior leadership, highlighting serious threats, required remediation and additional efforts to secure your most vulnerable assets.

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