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Meditology Services' Partner, Brian Selfridge, was recently interviewed by Modern Healthcare Magazine

This article "Building a Better Cyberdefense: How to Harness Technology to Protect Your Organization and Patients from the latest Cyberthreats," for Modern Healthcare Magazine takes a look into how cybersecurity platforms with advanced technology, like artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics can help providers detect and avoid cyber security threats.

A few highlights from the article include:

  • Cyberattacks have steadily increased in the past few years, with HHS reporting 106 hacking incidents in 2016, nearly double the year before and over 20 times more attacks than were discovered in 2010.
  • Defenses like firewalls and antivirus or malware software software are sometimes deceived or bypassed by hackers, it's crucial that providers have tools that can alert them to activity of malicious actors who may have broken through their defenses.
  • Providers have seen a reduction in hacking incidents after implementing predictive analytics software, and tools have brought vulnerabilities to their attention that they may not have otherwisediscovered before they could be exploited .

Find the full article here

Meditology is providing muti-disciplinary (healthcare operations, security and technology) readiness asessments for clients intended to help Boards and Management teams assess their exposure and preparedness for worst case cyberthreat outcomes.