Protecting the privacy & security of your patient’s health information.

Meditology's IT Risk Management Associate Akshay Finney, set to speak at SecureWorld Philadelphia

On Wednesday March 28 Akshay and Blake will present on the topic: Tackling Medical Device Security: Preventing Connected Devices From Becoming Your Weakest Security Link

Read the below session synopsis:

The high-profile breach events and ransomware outbreaks of 2017 have brought much needed attention to the cybersecurity of connected medical devices. Cyber criminals and hackers often take advantage of easily exploited vulnerabilities within these medical devices to gain unauthorized access to patient data and clinical networks. This session will cover the following topics:
• Discussion on why medical devices and equipment are especially vulnerable to cyber attacks
• Explanation on how insecure medical devices can impact patient safety and lead to large-scale data breach events
• Specific strategic and innovative steps that leading organizations can take to protect against the security issues introduced by medical devices 

Featured Presenters

Akshay Finney

IT Risk Management Associate, Meditology

Akshay Finney is an IT Risk Management Associate who specializes in Security risk assessments and Medical Device Security. As an Associate, he works closely with the Risk Management Team to assess and identify the client’s risks, and guide them in mitigating the identified risks. He also specializes in security and network operations to provide actionable intelligence to clients. He has developed and helped execute strategic security programs for various clients. He has experience with various regulatory frameworks such as HIPAA, HITRUST and SOC-2. He is a Master’s graduate in Cybersecurity and is a security researcher on cyber physical systems and Internet Of things.


Blake Collins

Director of Clinical Engineering, Christiana Care Health System

Blake Collins has been in the Health Technology field for over 27 years and the health care industry for over 34 years. He retired from the United States Navy after 21 years in 2004. He received his basic and advanced BMET training in Aurora, Co. at the United States Army Medical Equipment and Optical School. After retirement, he became a Regional Director for a large health system in Knoxville, TN before joining TriMedx in 2006 as a Regional Director of Service operations. In 2012 he joined Christiana Care in Newark, DE as the Director of Clinical Engineering.

Blake received his BSOE in Biomedical Technology from Wayland Baptist University, has an MBA, and is a certified BMET, Healthcare Technology Manager and Fellow at the Advisory Board Company.

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