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WHITE PAPER: Navigating Through A Changing Cyberspace: 2018 Healthcare Data Security Outlook

We are explorers by nature and continue to set out on ambitious space exploration programs using a variety of innovative technologies. In all new journeys, unforeseen dangers and threats emerge. Similarly, healthcare organizations continue to face dangers from cyberspace. These dangers include evolving new threats to patient information and the critical systems that support delivery of health care services.

Healthcare security leaders need to develop a strategy to address the existing and the unknown threats to come. Meditology Services’ 2018 Healthcare Data Security Outlook covers forecasts and trend data including:

  • Increased board-level awareness and focus on security and compliance
  • Increased prevalence of ransomware outbreaks through targeted and persistent attacks 
  • Continued threats posed by medical device security and IoT
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance requirements
  • Security concerns exposed by the increased M&A activity among healthcare providers
  • Increased scrutiny and enforcement activity from regulators and major business partners

Space is often called “the final frontier” because it is full of unknown dangers and challenges.  Many healthcare security leaders may feel the same way about their own journey through cyberspace.

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