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PRESENTATION: Navigating Security Under Changing Winds: Cybersecurity Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

Presented by Nadia Fahim-Koster, Managing Director of ITRM at Meditology and Jana Courmier, VP of Privacy, Compliance & Accreditation at Tivity Health

Navigating Security Under Changing Winds: Cybersecurity Healthcare Mergers and AcquisitionsWith mergers, integrations, and acquisitions rapidly on the rise in the healthcare industry, it’s no surprise that healthcare is the busiest sector for M&A globally. While such healthcare integrations may be profitable, they introduce many challenges from an IT security and compliance standpoint. This is due, in part, to the exposure of information and systems which now must exist across organizational boundaries. These challenges cause healthcare organizations to be vulnerable, in an already turbulent cyber threat landscape where they are the prime targets.

Ultimately, security and compliance integration is an inescapable business requirement, and it is vital for new entities to approach risk and compliance exposure in a logical manner. This session, will cover specific steps organizations can take we will review strategies and steps organizations can take before and after a new acquisition to facilitate a smooth integration of information security functions. Timing considerations and integration of toolsets is also a focus. 

This session will help security and compliance professionals with:

  • Identifying and addressing security and compliance risks introduced after a merger
  • Formulating action plans for security and compliance integration 
  • Understanding the stages of security plan implementation
  • Establishing a framework for pre-merger due diligence steps

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