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PRESS RELEASE: Meditology Services and CloudPost Networks Introduce Healthcare’s First End-to-End Medical Device Security Solution

August 21, 2018 (ATLANTA, GA) - Meditology Services, a leading healthcare information security services firm, has partnered with CloudPost Networks to provide the industry’s first comprehensive end-to-end medical device security program solution. The innovative approach establishes a blueprint for medical device security programs that incorporates industry leading medical device inventory and protection software from CloudPost, and expert managed services to protect patients from security risks associated with medical devices.

Many healthcare entities struggle to identify which medical devices are active or may pose higher risks for an information breach due to improperly secured devices. Limited staff resources further impact the ability to properly manage device security.

“Medical devices have become the weakest link in the security chain,” said Brian Selfridge, Partner, Meditology Services, LLC.  “We are excited to leverage the power of CloudPost’s cutting-edge technology alongside Meditology’s deep experience implementing medical device security strategies to keep patients safe from the daily onslaught of security threats.” CloudPost’s passive inventory discovery, behavioral and network analysis, and threat detection capabilities allow automation of security protections for thousands of medical devices. Meditology leverages this technology to implement a strategic plan defining the people and processes required to protect medical devices. A team of experts are deployed as a managed service to better protect healthcare’s life-saving devices and systems.

“Healthcare entities struggling to get a handle on security protections for networked devices will greatly benefit from this partnership,” said Gnanaprakasam Pandian, CEO and Co-Founder at CloudPost Networks.  “With combined expertise of Meditology’s service practice and automation provided by CloudPost’s software, greater security protection can be a reality for patients served by networked medical devices.”

Download the Medical Device Security Services by Meditology and CloudPost data sheet HERE.

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