2019: The Year of Metamorphosis for Healthcare Data Security

Webinar Overview

Presented by Keith Henkell, Director and Angela Fitzpatrick, Manager of IT Risk Management at Meditology Services on October 23rd, 2019

This webinar discusses the various stages of maturity for healthcare data security programs.

Like insects, healthcare organizations are complex creatures grappling for survival against a wide array of predators seeking to impair, consume or destroy them. The healthcare ecosystem and threats are evolving rapidly and healthcare organizations are struggling to adapt and mature programs to keep pace.

Learn methods to adapt and make programs more secure and able to survive the next wave of evolving threats:

  • Metamorphosis, adaptation and maturation of security data programs
  • Information security predators and adaptive defense strategies
  • The changing ecosystem: impacts of data sprawl due to cloud storage, IoT, and third-party risk management
  • Adapting to the changing regulatory landscape (OCR, GDPR, etc.)

The mysterious world of insect survival boils down to two key activities: adaptation and maturation.

Metamorphosis allows insects to become more adaptable to successfully face predators.  Likewise, information security professionals must adapt and evolve data security programs to successfully fight off predators of sensitive patient data.