Data Sheet

Business Associate Compliance Management

Data Sheet Overview

Meditology’s Business Associate Compliance Management Services cost effectively:

  • Inventories actual and potential BAs on your vendor master list
  • Identifies missing or out-of-date BAAs
  • Reaches out to BAs on your behalf to update all required documentation
  • Assesses each BA’s security and privacy program, and reports on their compliance with HIPAA requirements.
  • Identifies security and privacy risks

How confident are you that all of your Business Associates (BAs) have up-to-date Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), that all of those BAAs are current with HITECH requirements, and that BAs have security and privacy programs that meet your organization’s or HIPAA’s requirements? Explore our Service Lines to learn about our vendor security risk management services solve these problems.

Download our Business Associate Compliance Management Service data sheet to learn more.