Clinical Perspectives on Information Security: A Balancing Act

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About the Podcast: The CyberPHIx is a regular audio podcast series that reports and presents expert viewpoints on data security strategy for organizations handling patient health or personal information in the delivery of health-related services. These timely programs cover trends and data security management issues such as cybersecurity risk management, HIPAA and OCR compliance strategy and vendor risk management. Meditology Services, the healthcare industry's leading security and compliance firm, moderates the discussions with leaders in healthcare data security.

In this episode of the CyberPHIx, we explore clinical perspectives on information security. Hear directly from a forward-thinking physician on how information security and compliance impact the patient care setting.

Listen as Meditology Services Partner Brian Selfridge sits down with Dr. Geoffrey Mills for a conversation on the intersection of security policies and controls with patient care.

Dr. Mills is a Family Medicine Physician at Jefferson Health, a large integrated academic medical center in Philadelphia. Dr. Mills is also an Associate Professor at Jefferson and serves as the assistant residency program director, in addition to engaging in primary care research.

In this episode, we explore data security within the clinical setting:

  • Striking a balance between optimizing information systems, security data and patient care
  • Exploring the challenge of providing patient privacy while supporting continuity of care
  • Capabilities and perspectives of the next generation of physicians on the role of data security and compliance in clinical service delivery

Learn what physicians and other clinicians think about data security and compliance in this informative discussion.