Data Sheet

Enterprise Risk Reporting

Data Sheet Overview

Information security and risk management teams for healthcare entities have struggled to update their reporting models to keep pace with the increasing variety and complexity of risks facing the modern healthcare ecosystem.

Healthcare CISOs and risk leaders lack examples and guidance on standardized metrics reporting used across the industry, including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Risk Indicators (KRIs).

Boards and executive stakeholders are calling upon CISOs to report out routinely on cybersecurity risks.

Security and compliance leaders often struggle to answer fundamental enterprise risk questions from the business such as:

  • What are our highest priority risks?
  • What budget should be allocated for security and compliance?
  • Should the business fund this project or that project?
  • How much will we reduce risk if we take this or that action?
  • How do we know that our prior investments have reduced our risk?

Meditology’s Enterprise Risk Reporting services for healthcare entities leverage leading practices from premier healthcare organizations to enhance visibility, informed decision making, and accountability for managing enterprise risk.