HITRUST Experts Panel | Achieving Cost-Effective Certification

Webinar Overview

Obtaining a HITRUST CSF certification is a great way for healthcare organizations to provide assurance of their security program and control effectiveness to the market and regulators. HITRUST certification has also become a contractual requirement for working with many leading healthcare entities.

However, failure to achieve certification or delays and inefficiencies in the process can jeopardize key contracts and cost the business irrecoverable time and money.

Listen in as our panel of Meditology’s HITRUST experts share lessons learned from conducting hundreds of successful HITRUST CSF assessment and certification engagements for healthcare entities over the past 10+ years. Topics covered in this session will include:

  • Common pitfalls that can lead to HITRUST certification delays and cost increases
  • Myths and misunderstandings of HITRUST certification requirements and processes
  • “Accelerators” that can help you achieve certification well within budget and target timeframes
  • Criteria for selecting an experienced HITRUST assessor organization
  • Leading practices for expediting the HITRUST certification process

Ryan Freeman-Jones
ITRM Managing Director
Meditology Services
Angela Fitzpatrick, CISSP, CCSFP, CHQP
ITRM Manager
Meditology Services
Jonathan Elmer
CISO & Senior ITRM Consultant
Meditology Services