Interoperability & 21st Century Cures | Who Can You Trust?

Webinar Overview

As part of 21st Century Cures; Interoperability of healthcare data exchange and the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA), our clinical data will be moving through the new digital highway at hyper-speed.

The Office of the National Coordinator’s (ONC’s) FHIR At Scale Task Force (FAST) continues to push the industry towards implementation and achieving our industry interoperability goals as an ecosystem. As a result, providers and vendors will see related Privacy and Security implications.

Listen in as our panel of data exchange experts discuss these sweeping healthcare industry changes, the implementation challenges for the industry, and the impact on stakeholder organizations as patients/consumers begin to experience secure, efficient, and authorized access to data in an interoperable manner.

Join the experts. Learn about trust within the interoperable model and how this might affect your organization so you can stay on the cutting edge!

Cliff Baker | CEO & Co-Founder at CORL Technologies
Lee Barrett | Executive Director & CEO at EHNAC
Ryan Howells | Partners & Program Manager at The CARIN Alliance
Chris Muir
| Director, Standards Division at ONC
John Rancourt | Director, Interoperability Division, Office of Policy at ONC

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