Join the Block Party: Healthcare Use Cases for Blockchain

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About the Podcast: The CyberPHIx is a regular audio podcast series that reports and presents expert viewpoints on data security strategy for organizations handling patient health or personal information in the delivery of health-related services. These timely programs cover trends and data security management issues such as cybersecurity risk management, HIPAA and OCR compliance strategy and vendor risk management. Meditology Services, the healthcare industry's leading security and compliance firm, moderates the discussions with leaders in healthcare data security.

Healthcare organizations historically lag behind other industries in adopting emerging cybersecurity technology. Innovative blockchain cryptography has the potential to shift that trend as more healthcare entities start to explore a variety of use cases for applying blockchain.

Does blockchain have a future in healthcare or are we caught up in another hype cycle for emerging cyber technologies?

In this podcast, industry thought leader Chris Golden helps us take a closer look at blockchain and its potential applications in healthcare. Chris is the Director of Information Security for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey and shares his insights on blockchain, enterprise risk management, and governance risk and compliance approaches:

  • Defining blockchain and an overview of its capabilities both within and outside healthcare
  • Use cases for blockchain in healthcare including back office, financial systems, patient identification, and more
  • Adoption timeline for blockchain in healthcare
  • What could go wrong? Downsides and potential pitfalls for blockchain and managing PHI/PII
  • Enterprise risk management approaches including quantitative vs qualitative risk data
  • Governance risk and compliance tools, processes, and automation best practices