Data Sheet

Meditology Vendor Brochure

Data Sheet Overview

Your healthcare clients have high-security standards. We can help you meet them.   


Whether driven by regulations or the inherent realities of risk, healthcare clients have never required more of their vendor communities. But there are things you can do today, before the contracting lifecycle begins, to proactively prepare your organization to do business in healthcare.

At Meditology, we provide vendors cybersecurity consulting and certification services that are 100% focused on meeting the high standards of the healthcare space. Our clients choose to work with us because of our extensive industry knowledge, our outstanding customer experience, and our unwavering commitment to their success.

Here are some of the things you should know about Meditology:


  • Our team is led by former healthcare CISOs that have walked a mile in your clients’ shoes.
  • Our clients include some of the world’s largest healthcare vendors, payors, and providers.
  • Our effective and actionable methodologies combine precision and pragmatism to maximize value.
  • Our track record is well established and proven to deliver results.
  • Our founder helped shape the HITRUST framework, we have served as an expert witness to the OCR.

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