Outsmarting the Cybersecurity “Bad Guys” | Taking on Cybercriminals

The latest Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report links 39% of data breaches to organized crime.

In this podcast, we take a close look at the tactics of these cyber “bad guys” with 25-year industry veteran and cybersecurity superhero, Brian Dykstra. Brian is currently the President & CEO of Atlantic Data Forensics and previously served as the co-founder and CIO of Mandiant. Brian has extensive experience thwarting cybercriminals.

Meditology Partner and CyberPHIx host Brian Selfridge joins Brian to discuss what the “bad guys” in cybersecurity are doing and how your organization can prepare and respond to their attacks.

Listen as we cover the following topics:

  • How do cybercriminal activities targeting healthcare organizations compare with other industry verticals?
  • How can you prevent and detect highly sophisticated email fraud approaches favored by savvy cybercriminals?
  • The rise of attacks that leverage innovative intrusion and theft methods from “Red-Team” penetration testing tools.
  • Ransomware attack trends and defensive approaches.
  • Network maturity models and security control approaches for bolstering defenses against cyberthieves.
  • Suggestions for fundamental protection, detection, and response practices that protect organizations from cybercriminals.