Securing the Healthcare Cloud

Webinar Overview

Presented by Meditology Services Managing Director Ryan Freeman-Jones and Senior Manager Bruce Edwards on July 22nd, 2020

A paradigm shift is currently underway for healthcare delivery in the migration of critical business functions to third-party cloud-hosted platforms. This movement has reached a critical-mass threshold and introduces game-changing implications for information security and compliance programs.

Moving healthcare applications and infrastructure to cloud-hosted platforms does not transfer the risk of breach and regulatory exposures - and can even introduce new risks that must be evaluated, tracked, and remedied.

Listen in as our experts share insights into leading practices from healthcare entities for evaluating, designing and configuring cloud-hosted applications and solutions.

Topics covered include:

  • Industry trends and business implications for the movement of critical healthcare functions to cloud-hosted environments
  • Risk management approaches from leading healthcare entities for securing cloud-based platforms including AWS, Azure, Office 365, and more
  • Our analysis of security assessments for over 65,000 healthcare vendors and their alignment with security risk and regulatory requirements
  • Recent updates from OCR on regulatory enforcement and breach trends for third-party Business Associates, including cloud hosted solutions
  • Themes and lessons learned from security assessments and penetration testing of cloud-hosted healthcare applications
  • Recommendations for building cloud security strategic plans and vendor security risk programs that effectively address cloud security risks