Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Effective Governance for Risk & Compliance

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About the Podcast: The CyberPHIx is a regular audio podcast series that reports and presents expert viewpoints on data security strategy for organizations handling patient health or personal information in the delivery of health-related services. These timely programs cover trends and data security management issues such as cybersecurity risk management, HIPAA and OCR compliance strategy and vendor risk management. Meditology Services, the healthcare industry's leading security and compliance firm, moderates the discussions with leaders in healthcare data security.

In this episode of CyberPHIx, Bob Quandt, owner of Bullseye Compliance, discusses approaches to effective compliance management. Bob explains how to develop a cohesive system for meeting HIPAA compliance standards and the never-ending emergence of new security threats without becoming overwhelmed.

Bob is an experienced healthcare information security officer and leader  and has held roles with ShareCare, HCA and several other health entities.

Listen as Bob focuses on common compliance challenges faced by Chief Information Security and Compliance Officers including:

  • Security frameworks that work best in healthcare
  • Risk registers and risk tracking approaches
  • The importance of obtaining buy-in across departments
  • Varying management levels for new solutions and processes