The Doctor Will See You Now: Telehealth Adoption, Security & Privacy

Webinar Overview

Telehealth adoption has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic and appears to be here to stay as a fundamental vehicle for delivering care in 2020 and beyond. According to a new telehealth report from KLAS, there is a crowded field of more than 40 different telehealth platforms that are helping to usher in the virtual care delivery revolution.

The shotgun deployment model for telehealth has its drawbacks however, particularly as healthcare organizations grapple with shifts to operational and payment models alongside security and privacy risk exposures.

Listen in as leading healthcare experts from Meditology Services and Huntzinger Management Group discuss rapidly evolving telehealth adoption, implementation, regulations, security, and privacy trends including:

  • Telehealth adoption trends and recommended vendor selection criteria
  • Clinical, operational, and billing process considerations for incorporating telehealth into the standard model of care
  • Challenges and approaches for delivering telehealth to all patient populations with varying technology capabilities
  • Lessons learned from recently reported telehealth security breach events
  • Federal HIPAA and state exemption extensions and modifications related to telehealth platforms
  • Recommendations for steps that healthcare providers can take to secure telehealth platforms
Bethany Page, MBA, CCSFP
ITRM Senior Manager
Meditology Services
John Hendricks
Chief Technology Officer
Huntzinger Management Group