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EVENT: NCHICA's AMC Security & Privacy Conference

Meditology is proud to support NCHICA's AMC Security & Privacy Conference in Chapel Hill, NC.

Meet our team at TABLE 5 and discover how Meditology can help reduce your organization's security risk.

Drop your business card for your chance to win a pair of Bose Wireless Headphones! The drawing will take place on DAY TWO at 12pm sharp. **Winner must be at our table during the drawing to receive their prize**

After the raffle drawing, don't miss CORL's Leader of Accounts, Markets & Partners Jay Stewart presenting with Michelle Allar of Wake Forest Baptist Health:

Tuesday, June 12th at 1pm | DAY TWO
Protecting the Diamond Mine of Data in the AMC 

Academic Medical Centers are a hub of research and clinical trial activity. The number of outside parties involved in collaborative studies creates unique challenges in securing protected patient data. The core element of research studies is sensitive health data. 

So how can it be secured from unintended release? 

Knowing that data is the diamond mine of academic research, how well do outside clinical trial and research partners fare in securing and protecting sensitive data records from malicious intent or data misuse? This session will cover: 

  • Unique challenges to AMCs (research studies, clinical trials) 
  • Profiles of typical AMC vendor population and associated risk factors 
  • Top three vendor security risk factors for AMCs 

Panel: Michelle Allar (Wake Forest Baptist Health) with Jay Stewart (CORL Technologies)

We hope to see you there!