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WEBINAR: A Shortage of Superheroes: Healthcare's Cybersecurity Staffing Challenge

ITRM Partner Brian Selfridge, and Director Tyrone Jeffress recently co-presented on the webinar, "A Shortage of Superheroes: Healthcare's Cybersecurity Staffing Challenge". 

About the Webinar

The shortage of cybersecurity professionals is a familiar problem to CISOs across all industries. However, healthcare CISOs are extending an invitation to cybersecurity workers to become a protector, even a superhero, in securing the most sensitive information in patient care.  Addressing the importance of cybersecurity professions is both a challenge and opportunity for healthcare organizations. This challenge is intensified as healthcare executives compete for qualified talent with other industries such as retail, financial and professional services, which may be perceived as more “exciting” and “challenging” careers.  In short, healthcare cybersecurity can become a “hot ticket” career option for young people. We’ll discuss key strategies for recruiting, addressing immediate shortage needs and long-term branding and cross-department efforts to keep your staff growing into the future.

In this webinar, key discussions include:

  • A look at critical job skills needed for efficacy in the cybersecurity role

  • Identifying, training and developing talent from within

  • The role of automation and outsourcing of repetitive, cumbersome auditing tasks

  • Leveraging communication and management skills to retain your most valuable security personnel

  •  Understanding how branding builds loyalty and elevates the importance of data security within healthcare 

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