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WEBINAR: Navigating Through a Changing Cyberspace Part 2: Data Security, Technology and Risk Management Trends | 2018 Healthcare Data Security Outlook

Presented on Thursday, June 21st, 2018
Presented by Brian Selfridge, Meditology IT Risk Management Partner and Kevin Henry, IT Risk Management Senior Associate

Healthcare data security professionals work in the world of unknown risks; and like space explorers, we must carefully examine the horizon to properly protect our health care clients’ data assets. In Part 2 of the 2018 Healthcare Data Security Outlook, we continue our comparison between space exploration challenges and navigating sensitive healthcare data through cyberspace.  

In this webinar, participants will gain an understanding of the top technology trends and risk management strategies including:

  • The most prominent data security risks for health practitioners and health-related data.
  • Innovations in information security risk management, security automation, and leading practices for prioritizing limited resources.
  • Risk management strategies and their effectiveness including:
    • Third-party risk management services and managed services
    • Security automation tools
    • Increased focus on Breach response vs. Prevention
    • Tighter alignment with industry certifications
    • Medical Device Security programs

This is Part 2 of a two-part webinar series offering a deep-space view of our annual Healthcare Data Security Outlook. Watch a replay of Part 1 here: Navigating Through a Changing CyberspacePart 1: Regulatory and Business Trends | 2018 Healthcare Data Security Outlook.

Click here to watch PART 2.