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WEBINAR: On the Alert | Incident Response Plan for Healthcare

IT Risk Management Managing Director, Nadia Fahim-Koster and Senior Associate, Kevin Henry, recently co-presented on the webinar, "On The Alert: Incident Response Plan for Healthcare.

About the Webinar

Does the phrase “On the Alert” instill a fear of not being well-prepared or the confident feeling of being “Always Prepared” for a data security breach? Having an effective Incident Response Plan can change an organization’s response from one of reactive chaos, to well-planned order and process. In healthcare settings “an incident” refers to a security breach of sensitive data assets such as protected health information (PHI) and personably identifiable information (PII). 

An Incident Response Plan (IRP) is a formal approach to clearly defining roles and processes in place to respond effectively and quickly to a security breach or data misuse situation. An effective IRP requires organization, training of key personnel, and systematic procedures. Several annual test exercises must also be conducted as a key requirement to ensuring your organization is ready in the event of an actual incident. 

This webinar outlines regulatory requirements and important components of an Incident Response Plan for healthcare and health plan providers. Highlighted Topics Include: 

  • HIPAA Security Rule requirements for Incident Response Programs (IRP) 
  • Components of an effective IRP: Policy, Plan, and Procedures 
  • Tabletop exercises to ensure participants know their critical functions during an incident response scenario 
  • Creating scenarios that align with real life incidents 
  • Documenting exercises to provide evidence or IRP testing

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