Global IT Outage Impacts Healthcare: What Happened?

A global CrowdStrike CSAgent outage began on July 18, 2024, at approximately 03:00 UTC. Following widespread reports of windows system crashes (and some uncertainty about the cause), initial investigations by industry personnel and subsequently CrowdStrike's engineering team identified a critical issue in the latest software update which inadvertently introduced a bug causing widespread service disruption. Read More

Why Cybersecurity Checks are a Must Before Acquiring or Merging with Another Hospital

Merging with or acquiring another hospital can be an exciting step toward expanding your services and improving patient care. However, in today’s tech-centric world and the rise in cyber threats targeting healthcare sector, this process also brings potential risks. Ensuring you conduct a thorough cybersecurity due diligence assessment is vital. Here’s why this step is so important. Read More

URGENT SECURITY ALERT: MOVEit Vulnerability Identified

Meditology Services, your trusted partner in healthcare cybersecurity, is issuing an emergency alert for all healthcare organizations using MOVEit Transfer software. A security vulnerability potentially exposing sensitive information has recently been discovered. Read More

HIPAA Compliance Audits

Our team at Meditology performs these assessments for both covered entities and business associates, no matter their size. Meditology uses the OCR’s audit protocol and can provide your organization with information about which HIPAA standards are partially- or non-compliant along with recommendations to bring those items into compliance. Our vast experience in healthcare allows us to tailor the recommendations to suit your organization’s needs and available resources.  Read More

Navigating the Cyber Storm: A Healthcare Cyber Leader's Guide to Communication and Expectation Management

Today’s cyber leader must exhibit a blend of technological acumen, strategic vision, and communicative prowess to lead effectively amidst what can only be described as a 'cyber storm'. This article will explore the expectations that confront cyber leaders within the healthcare domain, offering insights and strategies to thrive in this fast-evolving landscape. Read More

SOC 2 + CIS Controls

Many of our clients inquire about incorporating other standards into their SOC 2 exam. A common standard that is industry agnostic is the Center for Internet Security’s Critical Security Controls (CIS Controls). The CIS Controls are a set of best practices you can use to ensure you have a strong cybersecurity process in place.  Read More

A Cybersecurity Professional's Guide to HIPAA-Compliant Online Tracking

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the intersection of healthcare data privacy and online tracking technologies has become a focal point for both regulatory bodies and privacy advocates. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) recently published updated guidance on “Use of Online Tracking Technologies by HIPAA Covered Entities and Business Associates,” illuminating the complexities and responsibilities that HIPAA-covered entities and their business associates face in this regard.  Read More

SOC 2 + HIPAA Examination

One of the frequent topics of discussion with my SOC 2 clients is the possibility of integrating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, as amended, (HIPAA) standards with their existing SOC 2 control set. As either a covered entity or business associate, they are required to comply with the HIPAA regulations. Read More