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for risk management in healthcare.

Introducing a robust, subscription-based IT risk management program, delivered by healthcare’s most trusted cybersecurity consultants.

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Risk Management for Information Technology in Healthcare powered by Meditology.

Pronounced 'rhythm' and intended to convey the importance of achieving a rhythm to addressing your core security and compliance requirements.

RITHM™ is a subscription-based IT risk management program for healthcare that is delivered by Meditology, healthcare’s leading cybersecurity consulting organization. RITHM™ is built upon decades of experience working with some of the country's leading healthcare organizations.

is a subscription-based IT risk management program

Designed to include core healthcare risk and compliance services that are delivered in a cohesive, turnkey package.

Delivered by Meditology Services, healthcare's leading provider of cybersecurity consulting and certification services.

Tech-enabled delivery of best-in-class cybersecurity services from experienced healthcare consultants.

Tiered packages provide you the flexibility to select the services which best address your specific needs.


On-demand cybersecurity expertise and collaboration

Reliable service delivery SLAs delivered at Meditology's consistently high quality

Multi-service subscription model provides significant discounts vs. standalone pricing

Single business case and budget request good for three years

Tiered packages provide you the flexibility to select the mix of services that best address your specific needs.

Core Risk & Compliance ServicesPremiumProPlus
Annual HITRUST or SOC 2 certification
Annual HIPAA risk assessment supported by CyberROM™ enhanced security dashboards
Annual network penetration testing
Annual cybersecurity IRP tabletop exercise
CORL vendor security risk assessments
Monthly cybersecurity retainer
Annual board presentation support
Pen test validation testing
Cloud security controls assessment
Web application security testing
Discount for add-on Meditology services$$$$$$
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