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The CyberPHIx is a regular audio podcast series that reports and presents expert viewpoints on data security strategy for organizations handling patient health or personal information in the delivery of health-related services.   These timely programs cover trends and data security management issues such as cybersecurity risk management, HIPAA and OCR compliance strategy and  vendor risk management. Meditology Services, the healthcare industry's leading security and compliance firm, moderates the discussions with leaders in healthcare data security. 

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Episode Three:

Respond, Control and Track: CISO Speaks to Key Data Security Approaches 
(Time: 34:30)

In this podcast, healthcare system CISO, Keith Henkell, shares his approach to key data security activities including Privileged Access Management, OCR Audit Reponse and Security Metrics Tracking techniques.  Specific discussions center on strategies to reduce privilege-related breaches from occurring such as the use of multifactor authentication and reduction of local admin accounts. Also, Keith provides tips for using security metrics to craft a story for upper management including maturity score of your overall program, coverage indicators from existing security tools and a risk register.

Episode Two:

Staying in the Swing of Things:  Data Security during a Merger, Acquisition or Divestiture (Time: 24:38)

Mergers and acquistions have a major impact on day-to-day privacy and data security programs. In this podcast, two veteran data security and privacy experts from Tivity Health (formerly Healthways), help security teams prepare for these events by sharing first-hand experiences on maintaining and migrating data privacy and data security programs following a divestiture and reorganization.  Listen now to hear as Tivity Health’s Jana Courmier, VP of Privacy, Compliance & Accreditation and Paul Wolf, Information Security Officer outline topics such as: maintaining security controls and processes, managing personnel and reduction in staff and communicating effectively with clients.


Episode One:

CISO Sales Pitch: Information Security Strategy (Time: 24:06)

A key component of a successful data security strategy is centered on people; specifically navigating and managing cultural expectations and the organization’s philosophy on data management. Expert health system CISO, Nick Falcone, shares first-hand experiences in establishing a formal risk management program with anecdotes and strategies on working within the organization’s culture.

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