Web Application Security Assessments

Web Application Security Assessments

Web application security testing includes a deep dive analysis of potential security weaknesses
of your website that could allow an attacker unauthorized access to the network or
sensitive information.

Your website and web applications are on the front lines of security attacks from Internet-based attackers. Meditology's certified penetration testing team has decades of experience performing web application security testing to identify technical and logical security weaknesses of web applications and hosting environments.

We align with web application testing standards including OWASP (i.e. the ASVS standard) and the latest exploit techniques used by malicious actors. We have deep experience testing cloud hosted and locally hosted web applications to identify and fix security weaknesses in time to prevent irreparable breach events.

Some of the web application testing techniques include:

•  Security Architecture
•  Access Control
•  Authentication
•  Session Management
•  Input Validation
•  Output Encoding/Escaping
•  Cryptography
•  Error Handling and Logging
•  Data Protection
•  Communication Security
•  HTTP Security

Web application assessments can simulate:

  • A hacker from the outside attempting to exploit a vulnerability or security weakness to gain access.
  • A malicious authorized user that attempts to circumvent security controls within the application to gain access to unauthorized sensitive data or manipulate data.


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