Wireless Security

wireless security

Wireless penetration testing examines the wireless network to
identify and exploit accessible wireless access points and wireless traffic
to gain access to the organization’s network and sensitive data.

Since wireless signals often leak outside buildings or can be reached with high-range antennas, wireless security poses additional risks to an organization. Meditology’s certified ethical hackers use wireless testing techniques that include encryption key attacks, wireless traffic sniffing, man-in-the-middle attacks, and vulnerability attacks.

The wireless assessment can simulate:

  • A malicious user connected to the guest network and attempting to gain access to the internal network.
  • A hacker attempting to bypass wireless security and gain access to the internal network or sensitive data.

Wireless security testing can include searching for medical devices and IoT devices connected to the wireless network.

Improperly secured medical devices, along with a plethora of unmanaged IoT devices connected to your network, present a substantial risk for patient harm and create an easy target for malicious hackers.


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