Business Associate Inventory & Compliance Management

Business Associate Inventory & Compliance Management

Are you confident that all of your organization’s business associates (BAs) have up-to-date business associate agreements (BAAs), that all BAAs are current with HITECH requirements, and that your BAs have privacy programs that meet HIPAA standards?

Do you have a BAA inventory prepared the meets the OCR’s format and data expectations and can be produced within their ten-business day window?


Business Associate Inventory and Compliance Management

Meditology’s BA Compliance Management Service will cost effectively:

  • Inventory actual and potential BAs from your vendor master list.
  • Identify missing or out-of-date BAAs.
  • Reach out to BAs on your behalf to obtain all required documentation.
  • Assess each BA’s security and privacy program, and report on their compliance with HIPAA requirements and identify security and privacy risks.


  • Ranked #1 Best in KLAS for Cybersecurity Advisory Services in 2019 and 2020
  • HIPAA expert witness firm for OCR
  • Experienced CISOs and Privacy Officers
  • Dedicated to healthcare
  • Hundreds of clients coast to coast
  • Advisors to ONC / HHS