Security & Privacy Education, Training and Awareness

Security & Privacy Education, Training and Awareness

Meditology develops and delivers security and privacy education, training, and awareness targeted specifically towards organizations that store, process, or transmit PHI.

Typical engagements include:

•  Developing all training content
•  Preparing and developing a web-based training module
•  Developing a web-based quiz to grade user understanding of the training received

We can engage staff at all levels, including management, general users, and IT professionals.

The training will be comprehensive in nature but tailored specifically for your organization’s culture, environment, applications, work processes, and target audience.

The training content addresses good data stewardship, covering topics such as:


  • Value of healthcare data
  • Threat environment
  • Regulatory environment and enforcement


  • User responsibilities
  • Understanding of sensitive data sources and elements
  • Data protection and security


  • Data classification definitions and levels
  • Applicable policies and procedures
  • Data retention and disposal requirements

The training content delivers practical and meaningful guidance for users to be good stewards of your organization’s data. The training also presents practical approaches to implementing good practices, which if followed, reduces potential exposure to unauthorized breaches and/or exposure of PHI through unintentional misuse of data.

Our training module is provided in a variety of formats of your choosing and can also be developed with SCORM-compliant file formats that will integrate with your organization's Learning Management System (LMS). Our training content also includes testing questions to verify user understanding and adoption of the training content.

We also provide training content for specialized topics including Medical Device Security, technical security training for IT administrators, privacy practitioners, and more.

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