Artificial Intelligence: Use Cases and Cybersecurity & Privacy Implications in Healthcare

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About the Podcast: The CyberPHIx is a regular audio podcast series that reports and presents expert viewpoints on data security strategy for organizations handling patient health or personal information in the delivery of health-related services. These timely programs cover trends and data security management issues such as cybersecurity risk management, HIPAA and OCR compliance strategy and vendor risk management. Meditology Services, the healthcare industry's leading security and compliance firm, moderates the discussions with leaders in healthcare data security.

Join us for this episode of The CyberPHIx podcast, where we hear from Morgan Hague 

Morgan is the manager of IT Risk Management at Meditology Services and has been in the industry for nearly a decade. He has worked with hundreds of organizations in an advisory capacity helping to assess or audit security functions to drive program maturity. He also leads Meditology’s strategic risk management consulting service line and is a subject matter expert in threat mitigation and risk program development. 

Topics covered in this session include:  


  • A deep dive into the emerging use cases for AI in the healthcare setting 
  • The risks related to AI that defenders need to be aware of and how real and relevant those risks are in the current state 
  • Data Poisoning, Input Manipulation, Membership Reference & Model Inversion 
  • AI-driven attacks and human security risks 
  • Privacy concerns with the use of AI 
  • New regulations coming online that directly affect the use of AI 
  • Controls we should be considering for AI 
  • Frameworks that already exist to help us understand the control options 
  • And some practical tips on where to get started