HITRUST Changes in 2022: Explaining the New i1 Certification and bC Assessment

Webinar Overview

Lengthy vendor security reviews are costing businesses time and money. HITRUST provides a range of cybersecurity and privacy certification and accreditation solutions, including their flagship HITRUST CSF certification, which is one of the most widely adopted security frameworks for healthcare organizations.

The demand for cybersecurity certifications and assurances like HITRUST is at an all-time high due to escalations in breaches at healthcare entities and their vendors in the supply chain. However, not all certifications are created equal, and the industry is outgrowing the one-size-fits-all certification model.

HITRUST has announced new security certification models, including the new HITRUST i1 certification. The new HITRUST options are designed to provide more flexibility and speed for HITRUST certifications, while reducing the cost and effort to achieve certification.

Covered in this session:

  • Market trends and demand for security certifications for healthcare entities
  • The history and evolution of cybersecurity certifications in healthcare
  • Detailed overview of the new HITRUST i1 certification option
  • HITRUST i1 security controls requirements including focus on implementation of controls
  • HITRUST i1 certification requirements, timing, and level of effort
  • Details of the HITRUST Basic, Current State Assessment (bC)

About Meditology:

Meditology Services is a top-ranked provider of information risk management, cybersecurity, privacy, and regulatory compliance consulting services, exclusively for healthcare organizations. Meditology is also an authorized HITRUST assessor organization and services healthcare entities of all shapes and sizes.