Hospitals Sharing PHI with Facebook: Legal & HIPAA Compliance Analysis

Webinar Overview

Healthcare organizations across the country have installed web traffic analytics tools on external patient-facing websites and portals to understand user behaviors better and perform related analytics.

This practice has come under scrutiny with the public news reporting that some of these tools, including the Meta (Facebook) solution, Meta Pixel, has been scraping sensitive patient information and sending electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) to Facebook.

Multiple hospitals have also been named in several class action lawsuits targeting their implementation of Meta Pixel on patient-facing websites and portals. The lawsuits claim that hospitals have shared patient data with Meta and Pharmaceutical for targeted advertising to patients.

Check out this informative session to answer some of the most pressing questions facing the healthcare industry related to this situation:

  • What is the Facebook Meta Pixel tool, and how does it work?
  • Is it a HIPAA violation for hospitals to share PHI with Meta / Facebook?
  • What steps should healthcare providers take to assess the situation?
  • What regulatory exposure do I have with OCR if my organization has implemented the Meta Pixel tool?
  • What legal exposure, including class action lawsuits, does my organization have related to our Meta Pixel implementation or similar tracking tools?
  • How have hospitals, covered entities, and vendors responded to this situation?

Meet the Presenter

Lucas Baiocchi
Senior Lead, IT Risk Management
Meditology Services