Seek and Destroy: Ransomware and Destructive Malware in Cyberwar

Webinar Overview

President Biden recently alerted the nation about increased cyberattacks on U.S. critical infrastructure stemming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Healthcare organizations must stay vigilant and adapt to new attack techniques including ransomware and destructive malware designed to wipe out systems and applications.

Watch the replay as we discuss the latest ransomware and destructive malware attacks and provide recommendations to protect healthcare organizations from the escalating cyberwar.

Specifically, our conversation will include details and actionable guidance for:

  • Ransomware and destructive malware trends and variants
  • Business drivers and motivations for cyber attackers
  • Threat actors including Russia’s attack teams and cyber-criminal gangs
  • The latest attack methods and technical details
  • Threat vectors including specific products targeted in the IT stack
  • Cyberwar updates and protection mechanisms
  • Recommendations for healthcare CISOs, security specialists, and IT teams
  • Case studies of recent ransomware attacks


Ryan Freeman-Jones
Meditology Services


Bruce Edwards
ITRM Director
Meditology Services